As a result of the tireless efforts of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, our Hero Arkadag, in a short historical period, intensive work was carried out to thoroughly modernize the material and equipment base of horse riding in the country, and to improve the working and living conditions of our horse breeders who dedicated their lives to horse riding. All this certifies the great respect given to our heavenly horses, our horse breeders, our master trainers in the Turkmen land where equestrianism originated - in the historical homeland of purebred horses that have enriched the world's equestrianism. The horse trainer profession requires hard work, care, judgment, sensitivity, ingenuity and finesse. Over the centuries, our ancestors took great care to maintain the pure blood of the Akhalteke horses. Their feeding is different from that of other horses, and they are fed only by one person, that is, horse trainer, according to the ancient tradition, in a certain amount, with young clover, dried hay, barley, carrot, sugar, raisins, and eggs. Such noble principles, passed down by our ancestors, are worthily continued at the International horse breeding Academy named after Aba Annaev. Members of the Master horse trainer club explore the experience of Master horse trainers in more detail. In this field, they organize meetings with experienced trainers and thoroughly study such areas as preparing a pure breed of horses, raising foals according to the requirements, distributing them according to different directions, training them, and breeding them. They also conduct independent training of horses at the academy. Young students, using the results obtained in the world horse breeding in harmony with the experience gained in National horse training and horse breeding, carry out scientific work to improve the Akhalteke breed, increase the number of breeding horses and strengthen the foundation of the equestrian economy. This club is a bridge between the master trainers and the young students studying at the academy.


Our Dear land is the Fatherland of Akhalteke horses, which are a treasure among the world's pedigree horses, distinguished by their beauty, excellent qualities, and high galloping performance. In our wonderful time, Turkmenistan has become an international center of horse breeding. The fact that our horsemen and master riders have won prestigious equestrian sports competitions and horse races in major competitions held abroad is a clear testimony to this. Today, Turkmen Jigits perform various games on horseback, acrobatic and gymnastic tricks, show high skills of horse riding. The members of the club called "Turkmen Jigits" perform our national games on horseback, jump on galloping horses and learn complex movements and trick. They are preparing to participate in national and international festivals, long-distance riding, and sports competitions in indoor and outdoor arenas of the Academy, they thoroughly study the world experience and improve their skills. Moreover, they  conduct scientific research to set the latest achievements of science and technology into this system by thoroughly studying equestrian sports and tourism.


As a result of the public's wide support for the initiatives of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, our Hero Arkadag and Arkadagly Hero Sardar, great efforts are carried out for the ecological awareness of the citizens of the country, to take care of the nature, the environment, and the animal world. One of the most responsible professions today is veterinary medicine. Today, veterinarians work in veterinary medicine, veterinary sanitation, agricultural enterprises, and in general, where animals need medical care. The members of the Young Veterinarian club study the anatomy and physiology of animals, especially equine anatomy and physiology, piezootology, parasitology, veterinary pathological anatomy, pathological anatomy physiology, clinical diagnostics, and veterinary obstetrics. The members of the team provide necessary medical care to the horses in the stables and the stables located within the academy, to treat and diagnose diseases that may occur in them, and also work on a number of scientific research activities in the Equestrian Scientific Production Center and the Ahalteke horse stable. They also study the latest developments in the veterinary medicine system and implement them, constantly protect the environment and monitor the observance of sanitary and veterinary standards.


The National Leader of the Turkmen People, our Hero Arkadag and our Esteemed President, Arkadagly Hero Serdar, always keep the youth in the center of attention and attache great importance to their active participation in every work. The great works are implemented in our country clearly testify that this is so. Our Esteemed President, who continues the path of his father, sees the future of our beloved country in the youth. And the youth of the independent country are well-developed, broad-minded and modern youth. Because young people are an active part of society. Our Arkadagly Hero Serdar: "Currently, the majority of the population of our country is made up of young generations formed during the years of independence. We look at the youth as the builders of the future of our dear Motherland,'' and these words further increase the socio-political activity of the youth. As our Esteemed President pointed out, young people are the builders of the future. In our independent country, all conditions are created for young people to continue the path of building and creation of our ancestors, to grow up, to be perfect, broad-minded individuals, loyal to the Fatherland. Members of the club "Inspirational Youth" carry out artistic creation and research. Furthermore, they regularly appear in newspapers, magazines, and on TV and radio programs, continuing the principle of master's discipleship in this field. Students create beautiful works of art in fields such as painting, sculpture, women's handicrafts, organize meetings with Master instructors and study their experience in depth. They are also well educated in computer technologies and software and actively participate in design and project work.


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