At the current stage of development, which is called the "Revival period of the new era of a Powrful State", the comprehensive concern for our beloved people is one of the priorities of the President's life policy which is a clear evidence of possession.

Physical education is one of the main directions of life for the young generation of the country to develop into a comprehensively developed and perfect individual. In order to improve the physical health and sports skills of students, to strengthen their health, the International horse breeding academy named after Aba Annayev has a sports complex building that meets world standards, including modernly equipped sports halls, football, basketball and volleyball courts, a swimming pool and a tennis court.

The students of the higher educational institution regularly participate in the national sports competitions held here among the groups of higher education institutions, branches and provinces, and by winning the prizes in these competitions, they make their worthy contribution to raising the reputation of the country on the way to health, physical and spiritual improvement.


Arkadag şäheriniň Aba Annaýew şaýolunyň 30-njy jaýy

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