In the city of Arkadag, which is located at the head of Kopetdag, which is leading the world with its new reputation, at the International horse breeding academy named after Aba Annaev, which was opened with the support of our Esteemed President Arkadagly Hero Serdar, the construction of a two-story library and a museum building and equipping it with the advanced technologies of the world, is more important for our national heritage and it is a symbol of prosperity.
When you enter the first floor of this building, which attracts the attention of every visitor, you will find the national pride of Turkmen, the flying wing, the close friend the Akhalteke horses from their historical sources to the present day, horse accessories that have been preserved to this day, and the pure horses used to decorate our horses during the Renaissance period. There is a museum room containing silver ornaments and interesting information about them, as well as books originating from the precious wisdom of the National Leader of the Turkmen people. On this occasion, the opening of the UNESCO Club "Ahalteke Horses Ambassadors of Peace" provides great opportunities for students to get to know the international reputation of our dear country, which promotes humanitarian initiatives in the world, and its work closely with the prestigious organizations of the world.


Moreover, on the first floor of the building, there is a book storage room with all facilities (lighting, heating, bookshelves) for storing books.

On the second floor of the building there is a reading room, a "Galkynysh" room for creative students, a small meeting room for art readings, audio readings, book reading contests and other small-scale educational meetings, an electronic network with Internet and (intranet) connections. the availability of reading rooms provides ample opportunity for students to make full use of the library service during their free time from studies. Enrichment of the database to use the internal network of the Academy, uploading of e-books to the e-library fund is being carried out regularly.



Arkadag şäheriniň Aba Annaýew şaýolunyň 30-njy jaýy

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