Development of the national circus art in the country and implementation of the state policy in this area, organization of spectacles in various fields of circus art with the participation of the world-famous Akhalteke horses, Turkmen djigits, and regular measures to achieve the continuous improvement of the cultural level of the national circus are being implemented. One of the main goals of the academy is to create favorable conditions for educating young people who will develop the national circus art in the future.

At the International horse breeading academy named after Aba Annaev, there is an indoor circus stage (ring) for 315 spectators to show the national equestrian games. The indoor arena is organized in accordance with the today's requirements, and there are various conditions for training in different types of equestrian sports. There is a training simulator for the students of the academy, classrooms and special areas for spectators. Also, all amenities are provided for keeping the circus horses. There is a stable for 20 horses, in which all conditions are created for medical supervision of horses. There are also separate dormitories and stables for show horses. Inside there is a world-class stables, saddlery and gymnasiums. Stable has excellent facilities for breeding, keeping and health care of horses. All the conditions created here will help the students to get higher education in the fields of horse breeding and husbandry, to further improve their theoretical knowledge in practice.


Arkadag şäheriniň Aba Annaýew şaýolunyň 30-njy jaýy

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