Our Independent, permanently Neutral State Turkmenistan has achieved success in the political, economic and cultural spheres and enjoys a great reputation at the international level. The development of the country's education system is strongly related to the full transition to the digital education system based on the world's best practice, combined with innovative teaching methods, and the widespread introduction of information and communication technologies at all stages of education.

"Concept of development of digital education system in Turkmenistan" defines the main directions of development of digital education system in the country. The main tasks of the Concept are to create a mutual educational network between educational institutions, to enrich the content of education for young people, to improve its quality, and to use new technologies of distance education in educational work. At the same time, this document envisages the creation and dissemination of technological innovation, the acceleration of the technological development of educational institutions, as well as the creation of necessary electronic databases for all levels of education and providing access to them through the Internet. In the digital educational portal prepared at the International horse breeding academy named after Aba Annaev, the electronic library is being enriched and effective work is being carried out to multiply the modern electronic training method sets developed for the subjects. The Academy has created all necessary conditions for young people to receive modern education and training. Within the world's advanced technologies, the role of digital education in the social and economic system is increasingly strengthened. The work of supplementing the electronic database with new information in the higher education institution is continuously continued. As a result of the widespread introduction of digital technologies and the internet system in the academy, the organization of general training sessions and video consultations through the digital communication system among higher educational institutions of the country is aimed at fully opening the intellectual and creative potential of students who will study at the academy, and guiding their abilities professionally.

The training rooms of the International horse breeding academy named after Aba Annaev are equipped with modern computers, multimedia technologies, laboratories, and language equipment. All opportunities created at the Academy are aimed at fully opening the intellectual and creative potential of the young generation, and at guiding these abilities professionally.



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