The National Holiday of Turkmen horse held during the year  “Source of Wisdom- Magtymguly Pyragy” was rich in the significant events. The initial step of those events was the visitation of our Hero-Arkadag to the Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy in order to get acquainted with the preparatory process for the National Holiday of Turkmen Horse and also the ongoing works of the Academy within the confines of his working visit.

According to the annual tradition, within the framework of this holiday an international beauty contest titled “Ýylyň iň owadan ahalteke bedewi” is held every year. The final round of the International Contest took place at the Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy.  Our Esteemed President Arkadagly Hero Serdar endowed  Turkmen people with the blessed step by participating the festive event. The horse  “Gadymy”  was selected among the gracious horses to be the most beautiful horse and won the beauty contest. Marvelous horses from the horse breeders of  velayats of our country, Arkadag city and a newly born foal of the current year from the Karizek etrap of the Arkadag city were presented as a gift to our Arkadagly Hero Serdar.

Our Esteemed President accepted the presents and gave the name Ylham to a foal due to the outstanding event in our country, i.e. the 300th anniversary of  Magtymguly Pyragy. The fact that our Arkadagly Hero Serdar  bestowed the horses to the Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy gave the immense emotions of bliss and rejoice to every teacher and student of the Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy and to the whole participants  as well.The festive events devoted to the International Holiday of Turkmen Horse were full of unforgettable moments with their profound sense complementing one another!

We express the infinite gratitude to Our Hero Arkadag, Arkadagly Hero Serdar for  such astounding holidays and joyful moments. We sincerely congratulate our Hero Arkadag, Arkadagly Hero Serdar, the Turkmen nation and our horse breeders on theNational Holiday of Turkmen Horse straight from our heart. May the Hero Arkadag and Arkadagly Hero Serdar live long and have a strong health and all the initiatives be the pure success!


Myrat Rejepguliyev
Head at the Department
of Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy,
Candidate of the agricultural sciences,
The member of the International Ahal-Teke Association.

Arkadag şäheriniň Aba Annaýew şaýolunyň 30-njy jaýy

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